Taxonomy Workshop – Designing and Building Taxonomies for eCommerce and the Enterprise

June 1st in Portland, OR

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Focus: Foundations for taxonomy development in an enterprise.  
Audience:  This is designed for practitioners and managers new to taxonomy and/or moving into enterprise taxonomies. 
Format: One day activity based workshop
Price: $850/person includes lunch (group rates available)
Date:  June 1, 2017
Location: Downtown Portland, OR

Hotel Rose
50 SW Morrison Street
Portland, OR 

Workshop Description:

A good taxonomy is one that meets the needs of its users. A great taxonomy is one that anticipates the future needs of its users and the long-term goals of the organization. This is true for e-commerce, government, portal, and other information-rich projects.

There are many considerations that go into designing a successful taxonomy. This workshop will cover the essential role that taxonomies play in supporting search, navigation, content management, and knowledge management processes for both internal and externally focussed enterprise projects. This material will help your organization:

  • Use business goals to drive development of taxonomies,
  • Expose the information needs of end users and the operational needs of internal stakeholders, 
  • Understand the role of technical systems, internal workflows, content, analytics, and user research play in designing a taxonomy,
  • Determine where to start and how to execute your taxonomy project
  • Address government or financial compliance issues, 
  • Work with budget cycles, marketing goals, and development cycles.


Participants will walk away with an understanding of taxonomies, their roles in supporting organizational business goals, and the process for designing and building them within an organization.   In particular, participants will understand the breadth of inputs needed to design the taxonomies and the how to translate these inputs into a durable and sustainable taxonomy.


This outline lays out the general structure of the workshop.

  1. Introduction
  2. Taxonomy 101 – Overview of different types of taxonomies, their components, and what they look like in real life.
  3. Usage and their roles of taxonomies and impacts on business activities.
  4. Design of taxonomies based on requirements and business goals.
    1. Requirements gathering in areas that include the business goals, user research, technology, governance, content, competitors, and legal needs.
    2. Define the structure and functionality of the taxonomy based on the requirements.
  5. Taxonomy building based on the design and best practices.
  6. Overview of managing and governing taxonomies over time.
  7. Wrap up
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