Erik Lee

Information Architect & Taxonomist

Meet Erik

Erik has been a library enthusiast since he was old enough to read. As a child, he would regularly make the half-hour walk to his local library branch on weekends and spend the day there. His interest and love of libraries led him to obtain a Master’s degree in Library Science from the University of North Texas while still working full time at Zappos, where he wore many hats in their world-famous customer service department. His career as a taxonomist also began at Zappos, where a meeting with their taxonomy team turned into a new role.

Working and speaking directly with customers has reinforced Erik’s love of helping people in finding what they need and getting to their goals. Erik also enjoys doing research and learning. As a taxonomist, Erik has worked on projects for social media, library services, and natural resources companies. He has both spoken and volunteered at Taxonomy Boot Camp.

Erik lives in Las Vegas with his family. He enjoys weird, cult, arthouse, and horror films and books. He’s also a big fan of tabletop roleplaying games, if he can find the time for a group these days. Erik still goes to the library often, bringing his kids with him.