Paula Little

information Architect

Meet Paula

Paula brings to Factor a breadth of experience in content lifecycle management and information research analytics from both the private and public sector.  An early passion for historical research laid a foundation of critical thinking and analysis, kick-starting her professional career as an Industry Analyst at Gartner, Inc. in the e-commerce sector.

After Gartner, Paula put her research aptitude towards an MLIS from San Jose State University with a concentration in Archives and Information Systems.  After spending 2 amazing years living in Dublin, Ireland, where she enjoyed her role working at the National Archives of Ireland, Paula moved to the Puget Sound region. 

Since coming to the PNW she has gained extensive experience in content management roles including as an archivist with University of Washington Special Collections, and Washington State’s Puget Sound Regional Archive, focusing on content metadata models and digital preservation. Paula has most recently held positions a Sr. Business Analyst in records management with UW Medicine and Sound Transit. While at Sound Transit she helped develop content management strategies and was a champion of its fledging taxonomy program, creating relationships across siloed disciplines for better and more effective content discovery and utilization.  

What drives Paula in her professional roles is being an “information therapist,” helping people and organizations work though their content conundrums with a tell-me-more mantra. 

Those inquisitive traits have led to a deep desire for continuous learning. She has completed certificate programs as a Digital Archives Specialist from the Society of American Archivists, Business Process Management Specialist with AIIM, and received an Undergraduate Diploma in English Local History from the University of Oxford, among others.

Professional development is also an area of great interest for Paula.  She has actively participated in professional societies from graduate school to the present, recently serving as the President of the Greater Seattle Chapter of ARMA, currently serving on its board.  She believes the relationships gained and sharing information is an important way to build a unique knowledge base and a connection of likeminded professionals in the community. She would love to connect with you at a meeting in the Seattle area and share your information stories.

In her personal life, she has pursued and honed her skills working with all types of textiles and materials while refinishing and reupholstering everything she can get her hands on.  She might one day drown in a pile of pillows of her own making.