Webinar Recording Available: Enterprise IA as a Foundational Component of Search Infrastructure

Enterprise IA as a Foundational Component of Search Infrastructure

Aired Live: Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Presented by: Factor’s Gary Carlson and Dana Bublitz.

Topic: Enterprise Search

About this Webinar

Learn what’s at stake:

  • Poor search results
  • Wasted effort by focusing on the wrong issues
  • Lost opportunity cost (in terms of time and effort)
  • An unmanageable solution 6 to 18 months down the road

Creating, managing, and sharing enterprise information is an expensive but essential competency every organization needs to develop. On-site search, in its various forms, is a fundamental capability for sharing information. Unfortunately, search is often seen as a technology problem that needs to fit into a simple box in the user interface (i.e., make it work like Google).

Missing from this equation is the essential and often overlooked “Information Layer”. The information layer allows the search experience to be executed technically, managed by business stakeholders, and utilized by many interfaces.

Whether it is an enterprise scale knowledge management, content strategy, or e-commerce project, the technology and experience will only be as good as the information being searched.

In this webinar, we reviewed how to identify and address the information needs of a search project and roles of the technology, information, and user experience layers.

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