Factor at Interaction18, World IA Day, and IA Summit


We’re, umm… kinda busy! Upcoming Events:


Interaction18, February 3-8 in Lyon, France

Thursday 2/8, Bram Wessel will give his talk: Vive La Revolution: The Revolt Against the Industrialization of Experience


World IA Day, February 24 in Seattle

WIAD co-organizer Gary Carlson will be facilitating a workshop on Mapping Community IA Practices

Bram Wessel will be speaking on “The Crisis of Fake Content”

Dana Bublitz will be speaking on “Organizational Change and Digital Design in a Values-driven Business”


IA Summit, March 21-25, Chicago

Gary Carlson and Dana Bublitz will be offering Factor’s Enterprise Taxonomy Workshop

Bram Wessel and Factor client Melinda Geist of Intel will be give their talk: “Got a Taxonomy Emergency? Call the EMT!”

Factor’s Grace Lau is Experience Director of this year’s IA Summit.

Factor’s Louis Spinelli will be volunteering at both World IA Day Seattle and IA Summit.


Factor is growing!

Check out our Team page for the latest additions to the Factor family.

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